Trump claims ´most religious leaders loved´ his church photo op

Originals 2020/6/3

Trump claims ´most religious leaders loved´ his church photo op

President Trump holds a Bible outside St. John´s Church across from the White House Monday. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

President Trump on Wednesday dismissed criticism from religious leaders who condemned the use of tear gas on peaceful protesters outside the White House Monday evening to clear the way for him to walk across the street to be photographed holding a Bible in front of a church.

“Most religious leaders loved it," Trump said in an interview with Fox News radio. "I heard Franklin Graham this morning thought it was great.”

Franklin Graham, the son of the Rev. Billy Graham and one of Trump’s strongest evangelical supporters, thanked the president in a statement posted to Facebook.

“President Donald J. Trump made a statement by walking through Lafayette Park to St. John’s Episcopal Church that had been vandalized and partially burned Sunday night," Graham wrote. "He surprised those following him by holding up a Bible in front of the church. Thank you President Trump. God and His Word are the only hope for our nation.”

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